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After buying a car it becomes compulsory that you must have a car insurance. But here the question is, that how to save on car insurance and what you need to know before buying a car insurance because accident may or may not happen. As you all know that it is not certain but it is always good to be prepared for the worst. So in this case having a motor insurance is must whether we get that situation or not. We wish that you never get such type of situation where you have to claim for the car insurance.

Firstly understand that what is car insurance ?

Car Insurance: Car insurance looks after the risk of your car and it provides financial protection from the loss which happens due to any accident, damage, theft, fire or natural disasters. Though it is a compulsory requirement to drive your car on the road, still there are so many people who don’t have car insurance or not getting it renewed properly on time.

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As we all know that Car Insurance is mandatory in India, so now it is clear that you require car insurance and there is no way to avoid it. But you can select your insurance wisely so that you can save on car insurance.

Now Let Us Understand That How Much Car Insurance Do You Need Or How To Save On Car Insurance And What You Need To Know

save on car insurance what you need to know

  1. Understand The Requirement Of Car: Before buying car insurance make it clear in your mind that your car is new or it is a second hand car because when we purchase an old car from other person then in this category you have to go with third party insurance as mandated by the Motor Vehicles Act. At that time, either you can buy an additional comprehensive cover as well or can wait for a year to get it at the time of renewal. The comprehensive four wheeler insurance cover will not only help to pay damages to third parties in times of an accident, but will also cover damages to your own vehicle. But if your car is quite old, a third party cover is enough because based on the IDV (Insurer’s Declared Value) the premiums you will pay will be more expensive with a comprehensive plan as compared to the benefits you can derive from such a plan.
  2. Find Best Insurance Company: Find out the best car insurance companies and compare their policies read about their benefits, as there are many car insurance policy that comes with numerous benefits and flexibility which can do wonders to your car insurance policy. But to take advantage of such benefits of your car insurance you must be fully aware about them and find the correct policy which is suitable as per your insurance tricks
  3. Compare The Plans of Different Insurance Company: Read about different the plans their features, benefits, claim settlement ratios, and other facilities provided at no extra cost by the different insurance companies which you have already selected in your good book. For this you need not go anywhere as now you can find all these information very easily online and read about them with a single click.
  4. Budget Friendly: After your all these researches you must also have a look at your own budget too. Your budget and specific requirements play a very decisive role in regards to selecting a third party coverage or comprehensive plan. New cars with no claim history or added anti-theft devices attract lower premiums or even discount deals. Make sure that your insurance provider is the one, who offers you cheap car insurance along with the maximum benefits given as per your car specifications.

After considering all these things when you made up your mind to purchase insurance for your car you can buy the plan online itself without troubling yourself  by physically going to the insurance company’s office.

buying car insurance online

Hope these tips and important points will help you while purchasing an insurance policy for your four wheeler. Everybody must be aware for their motor insurance because it is a compulsion in India and to have a low risk and a tension free driving, we should always purchase a car insurance.

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